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I come back after a good 2 ish years to find 900+ followers and 300+ asks……what

Do you guys want me to come back??????

Cause I’ve been spending my last few years in the fantroll business so idk but seriously why are you guys still here????






It Was…Interesting

Very Interesting…

I Would Rather Not Talk About It

I Am Not Sure What I Was Expecting

But They Did Say Any Way



We were JUST talking about that earlier, Mal!

We were! That’s why I picked that question >:3


I know it’s been awhile but I bring good news!

I’m going to come back to this blog finally after months of inactivity now that school is out for summer and my load is lifted slightly I can bring this back to it’s old standards!

and if anyone here has noticed I have started a joint ask blog called Asktheslyphandprince 

it’s run by myself and thefisherprince and it’s an alternate universe Kanaya/Eridan redrom blog

We’re just starting out but soon it will be up to par with kankanmaryam so let the questions fly!

I’ll begin posting again tomorrow 

Thanks for holding on with me c: